WON: Banks and Bayley weren't told they were losing the titles and splitting until the day of the show, even though it was the plan the whole time

This is how the business has always worked and industry insiders know this and it isn't unique to WWE. Plans/storylines can change on a weekly or daily basis, especially surrounding big events like Wrestlemania. This is scripted live-action entertainment and WWE almost always makes some significant shifts around this time of year. No one is entitled to a championship or the exact storyline they want. A very small percentage of the roster has any real creative control over their characters and they are usually at the top of the roster very long-term and major $ draws. Having a backstage fit, threatening to quit (in the case of Banks at least) and almost refusing to give up their title is the wrestling equivalent of poor sportsmanship. The women's division is currently stacked with an outstanding roster of talent and there are many highly talented women's wrestlers, many of whom are deserving of having a title or a shot at the spotlight.

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