WON: A lot of WWE talent were shocked AEW were able to match or top WWE’s offer for Claudio / Cesaro

I recently saw Wardlow release a statement saying "never say never" to him going to WWE. This a few months after declaring he couldn't imagine ever leaving AEW.

My point being, there is a lot of money to be made in wrestling right now if you know your worth and never declare your intentions, either way. It's why a lot of wrestlers are happy to leave it ambiguous as to whether they're "Cody guys" or not (and are happy to make it appear like they're disgruntled in AEW). I imagine that's all Cody's teachings too. Having a WWE offer to take back to AEW is more valuable than being openly loyal, either way.

Can imagine we'll see a lot of deliberate leaking of stories similar to the "Cesaro is likely to end up back in WWE" story that circulated last month. Leak your offer from one company to the dirt sheets to get a better offer from the other. Not saying that's what Claudio did - but if you know what company you want to work for, you are entitled to get as much money from them as you can. Particularly when WWE are prepared to throw around A LOT of money.

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