Won a near hour long AV with 1 reinforcement remaining!

I honestly can't wait for those legacy servers to come out, everything I read out classic WoW makes me feel pretty excited for moments like these.

I think it'll be a somewhat modified experience with a lot of quality of life changes added to it.

I say that because my first character was a Druid, and back before original the class reworks (and before battle grounds were even implemented) druid was a sorry thing. I still remember being level 50 in felwood and having to hop out of bearform to heal myself three times in order to kill a white level 52 monster. A process that took around a minute.

I meant to say bearform btw, because catform was completely useless back then, and outside of what you could call MEME guilds of 100% druids, druids were only healers back then.

I'm pretty sure we won't see that sort of stuff coming back with the classic servers, and I'd be worried that classic AV is another one of those things Blizzard might not be bringing back. I hope they do though.

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