Why won’t some people (mostly in the US) wear masks?

I don’t wear a mask and go out, but I’m not the one to say wearing a mask if sucking stupid or what most people on here suggest. Plus I know I’m going to get flamed for this post, but fuck it:

1- I know I can spread it to others, but I don’t care if I get it. I’ll fat out start with this one instead of trying to bury this point. I hate to sound nihilistic (idk if that’s the right word or usage) but I don’t really care for existing anymore. Now, I know it prevents me from spreading more than me from getting it, but I don’t necessarily want to reduce my chances of getting it in any capacity. With that said, I hope I NEVER!!! spread it. Due to underlying depression and other circumstances, I kind of wouldn’t mind contracting it because it’s a way for me to die without killing myself, which I don’t really want to do. Sorry if that sounds morbid.

2- it’s relatively useless for me in terms of protecting myself from others. I have a physical disability and I can’t walk for more than 5 minutes without sweating. And I live alone, and I have to go to work everyday. I live in Florida too. So even in a/c I start sweating uncontrollably and end up touching my face and arms in some form or another. So I end up spreading my germs on my hands and everywhere anyways. Not saying it’s right, but it’s a habit when I start to get drenched and start to overheat

3- I think a lot of the initial freak out kind of made me numb to all of it. Don’t get me wrong, I think people who are/were protesting to open places back up are/were morons and a stupid thing to protest for some inconvenience, but I do the the initial freak out of people bulk buying shit like TP for no reason kinda made me pause and think some of it was overreaction to some extent.

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