I wonder how Americans are feeling rn

As a non-american i can say that Trump is the lesser evil. I just hope US won't fuck up the rest of the world with their donwfall with Biden.

Seriously, who thoght it was a good idea voting for him? Americans are too much influenced by media and celebrities. As bad as it is to say such a thing, it seems that most of you cannot think with your own brain. You can't inform yourself. You let the others decide for you.

I don't support Trump. But if it was Biden or him, i would choose Trump without hesitation. It sounds fucked up, but it's reality. The US have a great influence on the global scenario and it's infuriating to see how its citizens don't even realize it and literally don't give a shit about it. Most of them don't even know what are they voting for AND TRY to change my mind about it.

If you voted for Biden just come to this post in 1 or 2 years from now to read it again.

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