I wonder how this will go down

It's definitely not weak, but each time you get a class feature choice you have to carefully consider the campaign and DM.

Hoard breaker gives you some multi-target damage as a Marshall class, and is fantastic for dealing with smaller hit point enemies, but if the DM does not like to use large numbers of enemies or you have powerful AOE casters in your party and it's not really that impressive.

A fantastic option for clearing up wolves kobolds, cultists, orcs, goblins, zombies, skeletons.

It also makes positioning a little bit more interesting as you want to extending next to as many enemies as possible which is not something you want most of the time, it's also means it may be more or less useful in theater of mind then on a grid depending on the DM.

Giant killer basically guarantees that you're going to get an attack with your reaction against a larger foe, unless they're using a non-attackability or spell casting.

There aren't a lot have abilities that

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