Wonder if blizzard writers are looking for new jobs yet.

Her reasoning was:

We need to shut down an Alliance port. But we can't beat the Alliance in a straight-up fight. ! We will do a sneak attack against Teldrassil ! ? But won't the Alliance retaliate and beat our asses ? ! We will hold the civilians hostage ! ? But won't they resist our occupation ? ! We will break their spirit by killing Malfurion ! ? When has a faction in Warcraft ever been demoralized by killing their leader ? ! ... ! Okay, so that was dumb, because of points 7 and 8. But fine.

Now, the plan has changed.

  1. ? So we can't break their spirit. ?

  2. ! Let's burn their tree down. And all the hostages !

  3. ? But won't the Alliance retaliate, and beat our asses ?

  4. ! I SAID BURN IT !

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