I have to wonder if Joe's wife is really a shrew...

On some level, I have to agree. And where I agree is the kissing challenge.

If I was Joe and that was my wife, she would have told me to go ahead. I mean, it would have been a quick peck on the cheek. Murr kissed his target on the cheek.

Even if it was supposed to be a kiss on the lips, it would have been super quick. It’s not Joe was going to jump over the table, tackle the woman, and ram his tongue down her throat while texting his attorney to draw up divorce papers.

In that situation alone, I know my wife would have told me to go ahead and then afterward, she’d make some snide remark about it (but would truly laugh it off knowing that particular “challenge” was part of my job).

I’m not saying Joe’s wife is a bitch, but she seems a little overprotective and he seems a bit whipped.

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