Wonderful Customers (She Didn’t Tip)

No offense but I wouldn’t respond like this honestly. I mean you interpreted it as accusation on by our part but they seemed to simply suggest that they’re missing some of their order (on the restaurants behalf) and want to know the steps to go about resolving the issue which it is our job to provide those steps if needed. See my problem with ppl delivering is you don’t see this is a REAL job. It’s why ppl go out with clothes full of dog and cat hair and dirty Sox and bunny clothes to deliver food. Because nobody takes any kinda pride in doing this kind of job and that’s wrong. There’s no dress code, no and unsure be comfortable. But dammit look like you’re doing a ‘job’ or service for someone and help those who need help. What we’re doing by responding like this is chasing customers away.. less ppl ordering then less deliveries. We’re supposed to keep ppl coming back.. independent contractor or not it’s the smart thing to do. Being rude isn’t gonna bring them back

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