Wondering Wednesday

Hello! I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience like mine.

My husband (49m) and I (32f) are trying to conceive. He had a vasectomy reversal done over a year and a half ago, the doctor was able to successfully reattach one testicle.

We recently relocated and he was able to find a urologist that helped him increase his sperm levels. He has been on 50mg of clomid and HCG. His sperm isn’t overly motile, but other than that his numbers are decent, not great , but not terrible. My OBGYN said she’s seen similar numbers with men who have not had a vasectomy.

We have been TTC for a year, we used mosie baby (at home insemination) for 6-8 months.

Last cycle we tried IUI, and had a failed cycle. I’m getting ready to go into our 2nd cycle of trying IUI. My OBGYN let me go on clomid this cycle to help.

We are trying to exhaust all options before IVF (for financial reasons, obviously). However, all of this is adding up pretty quickly too.

Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience? Thank you!

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