I won't campaign for VP Leni anymore

Haha is this their new script? Wow trying to angle as a kakampink and then planting seeds of doubt to persuade others lol bravo

I you truly support VP Leni (and what she stands for, which is actually the bigger battle to fight, if you were genuine you would know that), you would know that THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, or your comfort, or whatever you're ranting above

Sa tingin mo gusto namin ginagawa namin? Lol we all have better things to do, more immediate problems to face, but damn the devil is working hard so we are working hard!

If you want to rant, go rant, we can listen, but don't let it be the focus of why or why not you're campaigning, why you're pushing VP Leni's cause, or even as simple as fighting evil.

Remember who the real enemy is - Hunger Games lol

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