She won't even talk about it...

She probably does love me in a sort of platonic way, but I honestly don't think she's attracted to me, and tbh the latest experience has left me feeling that way too...

As a LL, this train of thought confuses me.

Is it a universal truth that love and attraction automatically leads to awesome sex?

Isn’t it possible that your wife loves you deeply, is attracted to you, but doesn’t enjoy or feel a desire for sex?

Isn’t it possible that she doesn’t experience sex the same way you do? Isn’t is possible that sex doesn’t carry the same meaning for her as it does for you? Isn’t it possible for love and attraction to still exist under these conditions?

Being the LL with a dissatisfied partner makes one feel inadequate and broken. Who wants to talk about that? These aren’t easy situations.

I hope you’re both be open to getting some outside assistance with communicating around this issue.

I wish you all the best moving forward.

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