I won't invite you to my Baby shower, but you BETTER GET ME A GIFT.

I got married 3 years ago and it was just me and my husband at the beach, we just wanted something quick and cheap. I grew up in foster care anyways, so it's not like there would have been family on my side regardless.

Everyone at work knew I was getting married and no one was offended that they weren't invited. I didn't have a gift registry or any expectation of any gifts.

My last day there (I left my position a week before I got married), they threw me a surprise party with a bunch of housewarming gifts. I was the youngest person working there by far, and they were always super sweet to me. They knew I didn't have any family or anything and didn't want me to feel like I was missing out. It's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me and I think I cried through the whole thing. I almost called my now-husband and told him I couldn't leave my job, I was gonna stay there forever haha

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