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ROBERT KRAFT SELL SEX AND EARN BILLIONS If his billions didnot come from vice, then why someone so rich but still involved in selling sex? Two outlet only unless you mean the place were acquired by other mean. But you cannot sue the owner, just because he own the place. You only can close the Spa and fine the owner for negligence in managing his business cos sense can tell vice cannot earn billion. This is what they usual do cos if you went further, law suit coming from these kind of billionaire can make you very busy, the whole year.

What? You mean this kind of senseless case could pop out because he stand beside Trump? Wow, democrats indeed desperate but need to go that low, just because democrats sucks without Obama.

LIED UNDER OATH ABOUT TRUMP TOWER Under Oath is something that bound for liability towards those involved in court cases especially witness insense whatever said by one, must be truthful and cannot be bias, due to whatever interest and could be penalised by law, if not telling the truth.

And these people usual saw something, heard something or knew something, which related to the case. That is why, they need to bear liability cos what come out from their mouth, could be without any support nor needing other aware, the witness were at the scene. And how court could accept their words, bound on witness conflict of interest with the accuser or reason to lies.

You cannot use UNDER OATH to force someone answer question, like Trump lawyer about Trump Tower and judge he lied unless you possess proof, that could prove otherwise. But that also mean the one questioning Trump lawyer, were trying to trap him since the truth already in their hands.

Under Oath cannot stand on its own without a case, specified timeframe and bound someone liable, just because he forgotten about something since those question asked upon him, could be plucked from anywhere. Human have behaviour and most aware, answer that we wrote during test could be wrong, just because the actual answer later pop out after the test cos memory of human could not recall everything upon being question and answer wrong.

Inshort, how US lawmaker practice law were not because the truth need to prevail but somehow modified, so they can abuse public by forcing them answer question and label them as liars so do penalised them using UNDER OATH (with the truth in their hand)

CONCLUSION You cannot tell, officer and lawmaker do things targeting people that exist in Trump life? They all under shadow govt that based in Pentagon and controlled by Jews. Cos these people getting salary from US govt, same with the Dept that incharge of relief fund distribution to Texas. Trump as the president of United State, could not be possible exist as their boss cos what they doing, were either targeting people in his life or against his motto of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

What? How to make America great again, if Texas need to do things, that benefit Israel before could get fund? These people, all under US govt yet do things against the president.

But their boss only have two, either US govt or the president cos govt servant have meaning. That kind of govt, need you to close your eyes and use your sense. If not, forever you cannot see it.

GERMANY VS AMERICA Now you know, why Hitler hunt Jews like animal in WW2. What they doing now in US same like what they did in Germany. Cos sense can tell, these kind of people that work for Israel still exist in America, how Trump can make America great again, isn't it? That is why Hitler, kicked out Jews from Germany before hunting them in WW2. Go find the radical group named Antifa. They understand what Hitler did in Germany, to save his own country.

Whatever Antifa did in the future either clashing with army, could not be justified wrong cos everyone understand, what shadow govt doing in America were not for American interest but behave like parasite. Antifa just repeating something that once happen in Germany, to save their own country, isn't it?

Only you dare to presume, Jews dont know what they doing in America were wrongJust they keep doing it cos how see they themselves were doing the right thing, based on their self interest without bothering about American. They dont care about American, then why American need to care about them.

Jews would blame American were cruel too, if they behave like Germans in WW2? But now is digital era, not like Hitler era, whereby what happen in Europe, could be unknown to the rest of the world.

American should aware, why govt servant targeting people in Trump life like Roger, Robert and his lawyer cos Hillary email leaked in Europe, not US. Those priest from her email already exist in list form and some facing trial even in Australia but somehow Roger dragged to court.

FBI dont care about the truth and never planned to charge Hillary even Trump sacked their boss. Why? They under the same govt, not the one that Trump rules as president . I know, its not easy to revert everything back to the time, when US only have one govt. Just dont lose your gun will do.

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