Wooden map of Chicago I made, I'm a wooden map maker (and my wife teaches dogs yoga, our budget for a new house is $1.2 million)

There's AMAs here on Reddit where dudes even said his wife didn't want to be on camera so they used a model, the houses were shit, and they ended on a house that wasn't even the one he bought. Others chimed in as production staff for home shows, confirmed it's all for glitz; some truth but primarily bullshit.

What I don't get is the qty of people including retired old farts and broke young girls, who watch these snooze fest cycled bore shitshows. They're not in market for a new home, can't afford it, won't be able to anytime soon, so it's like, fantasy porn that fuels their own notions of inadequacy. I've seen folks judge the shit out of neighbors and associates based solely on the husband's income potential and the house decor , and wonder how much these deceit based dumpster fire reality TV shows fuel that materialism.

I mean, the lies start with the term reality show: it's anything but real.

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