The woodgrain on one of my neighbors door looks like a spaceship.

Hope this door will open for me a mom & a teacher needs a 1M$ There was a mother and a teacher from philippines who need a 1M $ to create a better future not just only for her family but also to those who are less fortunate. She is known who has a big heart to her student. She gives fud & money as much as she can afford for her students just to send them back to school. She believes that EDUCATION IS FOR ALL. Aside from that she gives her students food to eat on their recess & sometimes to buy for their project in school.aside from the fact that she is the bread winner of the family of 10 with a son & 5 nieces those she taken cared of. She sent her younger sibling in college and her 5 nieces. Her nieces are his brothers children who was died while sleeping. She really works hard for her family. She believes that for them to have a better future they need everyone to finish their schooling. She has a dream and that is to own a famous food chain in lhilippines and hire a working students. She wants to have a foundation who will cater all parents who will be under taught to do a livelihood program and their children will be under the scholarship program of that foundation. So the parents will be the one who will be in charge on their college tuition fees. They were living in a small house with 1 room only and plan it to be renovated.because their old how is in mortgage right now. She can not afford to pay it. I am calling all those leople who have a big heart and capable to make her dreams come true. By the way,that is me. I am calling the attention of mr.Bill gates,ms.Oprah, ms. Ellen de Generes,mr. Warren Buffet,Coca-Cola Company. Please make my dreams come true. More people will benefits on this. I believe that everyone can make this world a better place. Thank u so much. This is my husband's acct.number in bdo 010220016836his name is edgardo de leon jr. I will surely appreciate if u make this things happen. May God bless us all :-)

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