Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Official HD Video)

It wouldn’t let me put a description: Replace run boy run with…. Hold ape Hold. This is opinion and my take on it. Whoever made this music video had a vision of what’s plying out today. to many similarities to be a coincidence imo. Take away the horns you have a bunch of retarded looking apes. Replace the kids face with GameStop logo and boom. The first ape is dfv, duh, the others well your reading this. The trees popping up represents the knowledge shared and gained, literally moving the forest closer to tendie town. The citadel and buildings surrounding it speak for itself if you’ve read the DD. Now ima smoke another bowl.

And to add thanks to this sub and you awesome apes I can now turn any video/movie/song into an instant meme or relate it to GME, hence this post. The video just gets my tits jacked I thought I share my thoughts. Take care all apes!

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