[WOR] Notes on Bischoff leaving, more detailed NXT Japan notes

So Vince has the foresight to know that at some point Fox will be breathing down his neck about how terrible the show they just bought is and how the ratings suck, takes on Bischoff to have in his pocket until he needs to throw him to the wolves as a patsy but he doesn’t have the foresight to notice that AEW’s success is due to them allowing their talent to steer their own ships? He’d rather employ people to shit on because his ideas are shit, than let other people’s ideas come to the fore. I mean, it’s not new news to say Vince McMahon is a shithead but wow this is nuts. He’d rather make awful decisions and pin it on others than give up a sliver of control. I personally won’t watch a single second of WWE again as long as he’s in charge of it. The guy is a complete twat.

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