Wore an interesting outfit to school today. (It is catholic and they dont acknowledge the LGBTQ so this is my protest)

In my senior year of high school I used to wear an anxiety bracelet I got from a buddhist store because I suffered from anxiety. Our strict uniform policies stated we can’t wear any non uniform items unless they are religious. One day our year co ordinator demanded (not in a nice way) that I take my bracelet off as its not a part of the uniform, I refused to take it off and started explaining how it has a spiritual meaning and in a sense religious. Immediately got told that it was a bunch of horseshit and that anxiety bracelets are lies, you can guess what I replied back with being an atheist in a catholic school...

Got sent home that day and they even had the nerve to suspend me for “protesting school faith”

controversial topic but religion and schools shouldn’t go together man

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