I work at a grocery store and these past few weeks have been torture

In Canada, the government is going to pay people the same wage to stay safe at home while grocery employees work for their usual pittance in more hazardous conditions. I've gone down this rabbit hole pretty far over the last few days, it pisses me off that even though when confronted with how unfair it is, people shrug their shoulders and say "well at least they still have their (shitty) jobs." The benefits for people who lost work, true, so let's legislate a different benefit for those that continue to work. Put some extra money in the pockets of people providing services above and beyond, not only the norm, but most certainly above sitting in quarantine applying and waiting for a check to roll in.

That's not going to happen though, not unless workers protest in the form of a strike, and once one government caves, they all will. The sad part is prepare for people to call you greedy or opportunistic if you tried to get fair compensation under current circumstances, but if they can't see the system is taking advantage of you, fuck em.

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