I worked for a private ambulance company, the receptionist, who is not on administrative staff or employee relations, has given me a bad reference when potential employers have called for a reference. Is there anything I can do?

It doesn't matter. I am a paramedic and companies should only be giving verification of, yes this person worked here from these dates to these dates and were part time/full time. HR should be doing this, not a receptionist and the people calling should know to be forwarded to HR, not the 1st person to answer the phone. Any write-ups or disciplinary actions should only be related to the callers company/service only when OP signs a release form from the new company they applied to.

If that company is like any other ambulance company, all calls are recorded. So any truly shitty review should come by face to face meet up (EMS is a small world, so it everyone kind of knows everyone once you've been in thr field a bit) and not over a phone call

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