I worked myself into a friend-zone kind of thing with my first love, I've got 0 experience with girls and want to know my best option.

I didn't think about her possibly using me for just weed but it kinda makes sense. It was my weed like 12 out of those 15 times we met, I kinda let this happen because I'm currently having a break from school and have a job and don't really care about the money while she goes to university and doesn't have much to spend. This aside though, we don't smoke that much, using me for maybe 30$ of weed over 4 months would be silly.

So should I do a full blown confession and make her understand that my side is either breaking my own heart or breaking our friendship, or should I do my option B? It would be very hard for me to make a move now like kissing her or asking her on a date, I kinda asked her if she wanted a date and that's where this whole issue came from, she said it would be just for fun. I'd rather just do a full blown confession rather than awkwardly trying to make it work after these conversations we've had.

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