IT workers, what is the most disturbing things you have found when going through an employees computer?

I had something sort of similar happen.Female friend had computer trouble, asked me to fix it.

We're all hanging out having beers and chatting; I'm sitting at the desk we have in the back of the room, so I'm facing out and they're sitting on the couch facing towards the middle of the room -- we can all see each other but the laptop is facing towards me so nobody can see the screen but me.

After about 10 minutes of backing up files, she comes over and whispers in my ear about how she wants me to save a bunch of sexy pictures that she took for her boyfriend, but please don't look at them.

I find them in a folder called "Kevin Keep Out" right on her desktop. I see a bunch of thumbnails from what looked to be a professional boudoir shoot, and as much as I wanted to look at them decide that I should probably just copy them over without looking any closer.

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