Working in United States

The lack of a bachelors degree doesn't make it impossible but it will cut off the "easy" route of using the TN visa.

If you are an "exceptional" developer a company can argue your experience in the industry meets the requirements for an H1-B. This path is generally much more challenging as the number of visas available are limited, you require sponsorship by a company for a specific job, and your ability to change jobs is limited.

If your portfolio includes something like "dropped out to focus full time on PostgreSQL, a hobby I started in my spare time that is now very popular" then it might be possible. You will be competing with applicants who are likely to have at least a bachelors and likely a masters from other countries so your work will have to speak for itself.

If your goal is to work in the USA then you should go to university. The hurdles are much lower.

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