Working Visas: Have any of you had successful applications with alcohol-related DUI convictions?

The thing is no one really knows.

There are conflicting statements all over the internet. For instance, I have a "Disorderly conduct: UI/Drugs" misdemeanor charge. This is a public intoxication charge. No drugs were involved and yet it is stated as "UI/DRUGS," causing misleading assumptions that I was using drugs. Furthermore, the case was dismissed; as in, I was not convicted of the crime. BUT, upon ordering my FBI background check, the disposition (the outcome of the case) was not listed. The absence of a disposition leads one to believe that the charge lead to a conviction. Normally, it should be stated whether the case was "dismissed" or "convicted". The US legal system is absolutely and utterly garbage. Apparently 1/3 of all dispositions of a charge go unlisted.

But here's the catch, I received my COE. I was really worried that I would get rejected because of this charge because many people on the internet claimed that they DO in fact do a background check. Now all I need to do is attempt to get the work visa from the Japanese consulate. If this checks out, that means there are no background checks being done at all. FYI, I listed "no" on everything regarding convictions because, well, it's a fact, even if there was no disposition.

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