World Buffs Are NOT An Exploit! | Skarmtank

Unless something changes they were "mandatory" for raid nights for the top guilds on my servers, one of which I raided in. (We were allowed a couple of infractions, not 100% but close to 90% of raid nights). They weren't just used for farm, more treated like any consumable.

30-60% DMG and 30% extra EHP skips a lot of mechanics, or reduces their relavant time period to the point that claiming it hasn't made something trivial isn't an opinion. It makes the rather challenging easy and the easy entirely trivial.

And buff loss killed morale in my guild, if you arrived to get instantly goblin charged by 40 ally as we rush to zone into the raid that raid night was bleak, motivation was dead after you invested hours and avoided playing to keep them just to turn up and instantly find out it was wasted effort. You still clear obviously but it just isn't the same environment.

I honestly don't have a problem with them being in game, I intend to be a casual raider this time round and sit one tier behind most of the time but that's partly because I cba playing around world buffs on my main again, it's just not fun but guilds want every advantage available.

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