The world is increasingly at risk of “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape heat and hunger caused by the escalating climate crisis while the rest of the world suffers

Anyone with a fortified island, in this case, would have more than enough money to stockpile enough materials for the continued use of killer drones for decades. Further only complex technology would deteriorate that quickly, complete drones could just stay in storage for decades without any harmful effects. One million dollars would probably be enough money to buy/manufacture beforehand 10,000 of these miniature drones.

That's just a million dollars too, and the expendable, one time use explosive drones. Either way whatever, we'll see in the future I guess, I certainly hope I'm wrong since I'll probably not be on the islands. Not really sure how the islands would work though with the sea level rising and more intense storms. Sounds like a bad place to fortify to me.

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