Worldbuilding basics: Quick help on creating the geographical layer of your world

I took the liberty of typing out the important info. It was a bit difficult to read your handwriting, as some people have mentioned, and any words I couldn't read are in [?]'s.

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Many people like to draw continents in more or less random shapes. Plus, what's more important, they make up random "chains" of mountains, that one would think they exist on the map for decoration purposes rather than realisticness. The influence of Tolkien is too damn high.

The oversimplification of the topographic [part?] trends, however, to diminish the aesthetic value of the map rather than enhance it.

In this series, I will show different types of mountains and regions. I hope it will help to improve the content quality shown in this community. :)

I will also show how to draw rivers and coastlines.

The [terrain mode] in Google maps is excellent to study mountains.

I'll provide examples you can go and look at.

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  1. Top Left The Classic Mountain Range is NOT the only type of mountain range. You must widen it more than you think and make it less long. Google maps examples: Pyrenes, Alps, mountains South of Caspian Sea.

  2. Top Right Plateaus, Highlands, and similar formations are vastly [underrepresented?] in these communites. Search for the Massif Central in France, or [???] around Ethiopa.

  3. Bottom Left Old Mountain [Zones?] which reach across vast extensions. Go to the [far eastern Central Europe?] [???] to discover curious shapes.

  4. Bottom Right Mountains can be [also?] different types and forms... Go to [Iran?], in the middle: [image] To desert mountains [(???)] The more local the approach is, the more random formations appear. Catalonia is one of the most diverse places in the world. Explore it.

Image 3

There are many types of coastlines.

[image of coast 1] Goast of Georgia (US) type. [image of coast 2] Coast of Norway type.

But please do not draw this. [image of islands]

Understanding the concept of erosion is important.

The Sahara is dry because no wind comes from the Atlantic. The Coastline of Norway, Scotland, and Irelands [suffer?] all the force of the ocean.

If your world is a planet keep this in mind.

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