[Worldwide] 'Wonder Woman' Around The World: Where It's Hot, Where It's Not

One area that could have been interesting to see in the article is Israel. Unfortunately, box office reports here for Wonder Woman are barely existing, for some reason. But, from what I could find out, its unsurprisingly huge.

It sold 150,000 tickets in its opening weekend, which is one of the biggest openings of all time. For reference, Batman v Superman had 105,000 admissions, and was still considered huge. The biggest opening belogs to Fate of the Furious with 270,000 (the series is huge here, probably because of Gal Gadot), though it greatly benfited from the Passover holiday traffic, and was exremely frontload as a result. The reports I could find said the industry is expecting another 150,000 admissions in weekend 2. If that's true, Wonder Woman is on its way to one of the biggest totals in recent history here.

It will probably join the club of movies with 550,000-600,000 admissions since Avatar: This is Sodom (satirical comedy from the Israeli equivalent of SNL) The Smurfs, Zero Motivation (Israeli drama/comedy about two women serving in the IDF), Minions, The Secret Life of Pets (Illumination is huge here) and Fate of the Furious. Why I say Avatar, a) because we have box office reports only since 2009, and b) because it was like anything I've ever seen. The film had an obscene 1,300,000 admissions. More than double of any film since than, and any film at least since Titanic.

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