Worst Build to Fight Conjunctivius

I agree with Gale and laughed at how useless Telluric Shock is against Connie. I was inspired by Gale, so building out a more robust response here instead of in a new comment chain.


Anything that requires constant close combat, skills that are relatively impermanent. Shields can actually be very useful against tentakleys, especially early on, but there’s always ranged weapon that could improve the build in terms of DPS and the tentakleys get easier to avoid with practice


Shovel Greed Shield Telluric Shock Death Orb


Survival - GK + Anything that ties down Connie + The Tentakleys

Tactics - High-Damage Ranged Combinations, Turrets, Traps, Owls

Brutality - Get DoT on Your Side, Hokuto + Fast, High Damage Melee Weapon

Survival Ex:

Giantkiller Ice Shard (Assuming it’s not 4/5BC) Crusher Wolf Trap

Tactics Ex:

Electric Whip Hokuto / Ice Shard Owl Wolf Trap / Crusher / Turrets

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