Worst. Event. Ever?

I know there are many things wrong with the event, but I think I understand why this event is so difficult, especially for newer players. Necro Connie isn't available until a certain point, right? Due to her strength campaign would be too easy if she was available in W2 or so. I think the reasoning is the same here. I just replayed the entire W5 campaign, & Cyra destroys everything in her path. Didn't even use my other hero's, or even upgrade towers. I think if newer players were able to get her to R4 or R5, that would defeat the entire purpose of saving up gems to acquire hero's to help you along the way of campaign. I wanted to make a post about this, hopefully to shed some sense on the matter to newer players who seem pissed off, but wanted to run that thought by you first. /U/IMAWNIT

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