The worst feeling in the world is feeling unwanted.

Feeling lonely and unwanted is truly a burden. You either let the lack of companionship define your moments or you learn to appreciate the time you have to yourself.

In the times where your alone it's best to fill it with something equally worthwhile. Hobbies, exercise, etc.

Im quite alone in this world as well. I workout, go to my job, etc.

For me theres 2 sides to see. The guy who works everyday and is trying his best. The other side?...

Im nearly dead broke. Homeless. Living out of hotels. And depressed as all hell.

So let me say that feeling unloved and unwanted absolutely sucks. But failing yourself and seeing how you compare to the people around you is a whole other issue.

Unwanted, homeless and unaccomplished. I dont know how I havent killed myself.

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