Worst First Dates

Okay my worst date - I thought it was a first date. Forgive me, long post, I have never really told this story.

My ex-SD apparently became insanely jealous and manipulative (our relationship didn't start out exclusive, and he didn't display those traits in the first few years of the relationship).

I did not have several SDs; just him; I did occasionally meet someone if "a friend knew a friend" and thought we would have things in common. I was honest about that with SD, and he saw a lot of girls outside of our relationship (usually sneakily, sometimes even my friends that I introduced him to), plus he was also married. I was ok with this as our relationship was "open" although I did not like his somewhat dishonest behavior.

Anyways - he had our mutual friend (actual frenemy) plot with him. She told me that she had a friend that would be a good match for me. I went to meet the "friend;" apparently, he had a fake phone number, fake cover story, and when I showed up at the hotel, it was my SD.

He then chastised, mocked and belittled me for meeting the a new guy for a drink - (like it was a crime, despite him seeing dozens of girls) - and also still wanted to have sex. (Clearly, getting off on this manipulation). He had tons of hardcore S&M sex toys also and said he was prepared to treat me like a whore.

It gets better! He then tells me that he saw another model I knew the night before (her stuff was in his room still), but I had to leave the area for a few hours. If I was around, she would get "territorial."

I went to a bar and waited, feeling used and manipulated - by both him and the girl who set me up. I found out he paid her $2500 to set up this fake date.

He then got angry with me that I was upset at this whole concoction. While I waited for the "territorial" model to leave, and decided what the hell to do, a guy sitting next to at the bar me was casually chit chatting, not even remotely hitting on me. SD came down and "spied" on us (lol!) and got angrier.

Talk about a mind fuck.

I felt so shitty and like I did something wrong, even though I don't think I did? There was no lying, only on his part. There was no deception, only on his part. I also was in an awful position, as I was dependent on our relationship during a financial crisis and was honest about everything with him, but I really had feels for him.

He now (present day) claims he has worked past his jealousy, and has a new SB (I met them both for drinks). He went right back to his manipulative BS and wanted me to fuck him in her bed while she wasn't home.

I don't hold it against him, but I did realize how paranoid this kind of behavior from jealous men has really made me. I almost ruined a good thing due to this paranoia. I'm trying to be less suspicious. And I guess he gets off on deceit?

TL;DR: manipulative ex-SD wastes a lot of time, money and energy concocting a plan to make me feel like a "slut" or something.

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