Worst to First? Detroit Lions? 2019

Ya it’s possible. We have a high enough draft position to get a day 1 starter, 55M+ in cap room if we cut Lang, and GQ so we can also sign players at our positions of need (particularly on the defense). I think it will depend on how the offense will run with bevell running the show. Golladay and kerryon are more mature, Stafford is more than a capable starter, and we have pieces on the defense (snacks, hand, slay, Davis had 100 tackles). Ideally Oliver would fall to the lions if a few qb’s go high and our selection would be a no brainer. Right now our options at 8 are probably devin white, greedy, or clelin ferrell amongst others, each shoring up a position of need for the lions. Fill the other gaps in the defense with free agents (Darby potentially, flowers if we spend big, etc) and our defense will look much better. Our offense has enough playmakers, talent, and experience to function highly under the right coaching and o-line play and I think that will be critical for our success.

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