The worst kind of person


Shotgunned you? That's a thing now? Quoting the points you made and raising counterpoints is a bad thing now? Are you actually serious right now?

You raised a bunch of points that I responded to, you didn't respond as they appeared, they built up on you and that's somehow my fault?

but turn around and say I'm a dumb ass

Yeah. Because you made the first personal attack and decided to assume I was a sociopath. You have no high ground here.

your blatant lack of empathy for other people.

Okay, let's play it your way with personal attacks: You made a dumb shit assumption that lack of empathy for some people automatically means a lack of empathy for anyone, which makes you a presumption fool who fell back on insults instead of intelligence.

Then you say that it's impossible to care about everything or do everything for every cause, as if somehow that negates the fact that trying to make the world a better place is always a good thing.


What I said was that you're acting like not eating meat means you're doing anywhere close to enough. You're still a greedy motherfucker who gets things because they want them regardless of cost. You essentially saved a chicken so you could kill an orangutan.

You are not giving animal life equal reverence if you abstain from meat to save a cow but would let animals suffer in their natural habitats just so you can have a smartphone.

When I originally asked what your point was, you were very rude

No. What I gave you was an honest answer. Then you respond by calling me a sociopath. Are you a child? Did your words fail you? If you want rude then I can give you rude, just say the word.

I have no idea why you are so bitter

I'm bitter because when I actually give honest, thought out responses, dumb cunts call me a sociopath. I point out your failings and you instead focus on whether I teared up over a flood on the news? Get fucked.

Tolerant my ass, you're the cunt that resorted to name calling because I pointed out how much you could be doing but are choosing not to. I'm sorry your PS4 is so important and harder to give up than a fucking burger.

Ethical hypocrisy in a fucking nutshell. "I don't want animals to suffer but the new iPad has retina display and the chocolate tastes so good."

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