The WORST teacher that you ever worked with.

There's this guy I worked with who called in sick more than he was there, got a disability note so didn't get fired, and tried to harass the school with an unsuccessful lawsuit because they didn't give him AP or IB courses. I got an AP class he wanted, and he wrote a nasty email saying I didn't deserve to keep it it because I don't teach Hamlet in the course like the previous teacher and he (guy who's never there) is an expert in Hamlet. I can teach Hamlet, but it's AP Lit, Hamlet takes forever, and it's really not a good FRQ3 work according to many AP teachers. I try to teach more short works so kids have options.

I don't even think that guy was a 100% awful teacher. He just had a victim complex. He never got the classes he wanted because he was never there and didn't actively teach many days when he was. He let kids be on their phones, didn't contact parents, barely graded anything, etc.

So he got mostly 11th standard which no one cares about but thought he'd be a great teacher if only someone gave him a "good" class like AP Lit. But he didn't understand the way to get such classes was to make people think you're a good teacher, colleague, etc.

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