Would anyone here want a complete RuneCrafting rebalance?

You're mistaking "faster and easier" with "well designed."

Not at all. I already commented on this in my above post; the numbers for RuneSpan may be balanced or not( im not really commenting on it, as im not a high-level autist competing for hiscores) but the design of offering a low-intensity activity to train RuneCrafting and giving more than 1x runes before the magical gatestone levels is objectively better game design than OSRS catering to a few autists competing for hiscores.

Truth hurts doesn't it?

Either way, it doesn't really solve the problems of RC in OSRS as outlined in my post, so me going to RS3 would not solve any of MY problems. I don't care if it solves your problems, or your friends. Doesn't concern me.

Judging from your post, you don't really know what RS3 even is, aside from EoC and some pay to win elements, artstyle and questionable balancing choices, it's literally just OSRS refined, with many of the same flaws still in it(like the 28 inventory space limit). So asking people to switch go to RS3 is pretty stupid(unless you are a fan of horrible balance)

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