Would anyone be hypothetically in getting their Maine state medical card paid for in exchange for signing on with a caregiver for a one year stretch?

Long story short, I'm involved with a group of investors and lobbyists for more lax medical laws. We are also funding the movement pushing for full legalization.

We're investing in infrastructure for a large medicinal grow collective with a large a full line of the top rated strains in the world, as well as a wide variety of cannabis edibles and waxes/oils, all at prices that are projected to be 25%+ lower than any in state dispensary prices. It should be up and running by the end of April/Early May. We have tens of caregivers on board. Those caregivers need patients in order to ensure the legality of the impending grow on paper. Our financial backers are willing to pay for anyone who wants to get their medical card- and even transport them both ways to get it, if needed- in exchange for signing on with a caregiver for one year. You need not invest ANY money or even purchase anything from said caregiver unless you choose to do so. That's full disclosure...

If you're interested, let me know. All I'd need is your full name, mailing address, phone and email. The same applies for anyone else that'd want their card. If you'd need a lift, let me know- or you and your associates could meet us at a predetermined physician's office at a pre-approved, mutually convenient date and time in the next 3 weeks. We can arrange for you and any friends or family that are interested to get their cards in the next three weeks if you don't already have them/one. And you would have your temporary card in hand the day of your doctor's appointment (the hard copy comes in the mail a week later, per state regs).

The best cannabis, and cannabis products, at the best prices, from a company built by Mainers, employing Mainers, keeping the money in state, that will stand behind our patients and products and lobby for their right to medicate and use as they themselves see fit. That's what we're offering. If you're on board, shoot me a PM, and we'll chat. If you're not interested, I'm sorry for interrupting your day, and thanks for your time.

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