Would anyone be willing to look over my most meaningful essays?

Thanks for agreeing to give me some feedback!

1) Teaching undergraduate science courses MM:

In my second year of teaching I worked with a student who had a learning style that clashed with my teaching style, which pushed me to try new teaching methods and expand my knowledge to help her succeed. The new methods began to work, and over the quarter we brought her grade from at risk of failing to receiving an A in the course. The experience made me question my techniques, knowledge and patience when working with another individual, and showed me the reward of helping someone understand a challenging topic.

My time as a supplemental instructor shines light on the approach I intend to have as a physician working with patients. The uncertainty surrounding medical situations often leaves patients scared and feeling helpless. As a physician I would have the opportunity to not only heal patients but also educate them to help alleviate their concerns and help prepare them with the knowledge to lead a healthy life moving forward. My experience working with these students has given me a taste of the value that can be had in helping another person. As a physician I hope continue this, looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and outlook to help a patient in need. Teaching has broadened my view of how to overcome challenging situations for the benefit of others.

2) Diet/exercise health support (mainly for friends/family/other students) MM:

During the summer home from college I ran into a friend who told me he had been diagnosed with T2 diabetes. He was performing regular injections of insulin before meals to manage his hyperglycemia but he complained of low energy and headaches. After explaining my interest in the situation, he invited me to attend his next appointment with his endocrinologist so that I could better understand the situation and work together on a diet plan. As I began coming up with a meal plan, I wanted more information about the condition as well as nutritional methods to help with the disease. Eight months after beginning the diet, the doctor discontinued his insulin injections due to our success in managing his blood sugars.

I felt overwhelming success in helping my friend achieve this goal, but simultaneously I recognized my contribution was limited by my education. I created the floor plan for his achievement, but I lacked the physiological understanding of precisely what I had done. I met again with his doctor to ask about the details, and I found that the answers to my questions required physician’s education. The opportunity to work with someone towards a healthier lifestyle inspired me, and the parallels to clinical care motivated me to continue my pursuit of a becoming a physician as I realized the only way for me to directly help someone was through obtaining more knowledge.

3) Volunteer that works with humanitarian organizations to get them internet service deals at cheaper cost in locations in africa MM:

In my time working with Telecom4good, I have had the opportunity to build a program called Give Free Wifi. The program allows humanitarian organizations to give access to their internet network to the community after hours and on weekends. Internet service is broadcasted in a 1 mile radius from their office, and our equipment allows it so the network can have specialized access so community members can have access to resources for education, health, agriculture, weather and communication.

Building this program has taken a lot of hard work and collaborative discussion, and I have learned how important it is to consider the opinions of the entire group when making decisions. The discussion process allowed us to change the program in many ways to make it better for both the organization and for the villagers. Give Free Wifi has allowed me to work passionately with humanitarian organizations to provide access to information to some of the most isolated African communities. Over the next year we hope to continue this effort to reach more countries and organizations within Africa to help these people get valuable information to improve their quality of life.

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