"I would beat their a$$ if I had been there"

You would like guy friends to beat up anyone you told them with no questions? Seems entitled. I’m not sure any of my guy friends would defend me either as a guy better yet attack someone because they’re my friend and I told them too. Most people tend to look out for themselves when stuff gets hairy no matter their gender and anyone that’s been in a real fight knows they’re in no way fun just to causally be in one that you don’t have much stake in.

As much as the post is right in that dude’s are delusional in thinking they’ll do something all the time like they’re hard asses but a lot of people have never been around violence better yet in a fight so they have no idea what they’d do until in the moment and most freeze up or ignore it.

So it seems equally delusional that you all are basically disparaging dude’s for not being the heros that’ll get shot or stabbed for you or other people they don’t even know but also against them for them even thinking they’d do that. The fact you got family that’ll fight for you means you have a good family not that everyone else is lesser for not putting their health on line for you.

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