Would you consider a religion that kills anyone who leaves it a cult?

lmao are you serious? you really say most people who left Islam weren’t killed because they kept it private?! so what if they kept it public?! maybe what China is doing to those Muslims is good then, right? because they’re destroying public order. it’s a majority atheist country and they don’t want those fucking Muslims coming and practicing their religion. WHY IS THAT BAD? if you don’t let people who used to be Muslim be public about it and say whatever they want, then there’s nothing wrong with what the Chinese are doing. the Uighuirs should’ve just fucking stayed quiet and not told anyone. what is this nonsense? this is just disgusting. telling people they aren’t allowed to say they left their religion lmao what kind of cult is this bruh. that’s not “evading public order”. that’s another way of saying “yes islam is a cult”.

you seem to cherry pick whatever fits the “Islam isn’t a cult even tho we kill our old followers and allow men to have sex slaves”.

and no. The US doesn’t kill extremists just because they believe in something bad. the difference is when they start actively planning and making a methodology to commit illegal crimes. thats when they’re of course going to step in. but plenty of people even wave the fucking confederate flags i’ve seen it with my own eyes but they’re not going to kill them because the US values freedom and free speech. something Muslim countries don’t because they’re still stuck in 7th century arabia

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