Would you have a “designer baby” if cost and risk were not issues?

It's going to happen. The population can complain all they like but eventually the rich will take trips overseas to do it.

I'm 100% FOR wiping out diseases through modifying the embryos. Every person who says NO has clearly never seen a baby suffer through disease. The day you experience that is the day you will change sides.

The height/hair colour is an interesting one though. If the parents have a condition where it's possible that their baby will be very short (dwarf) then I'm open to them modifying that. There's nothing wrong with being a dwarf, I just know that if anyone had the option then I'm sure they would rather their child be average height (The regulation would be that they can select THAT countries average height, they cannot just say 7'2). For hair colour I say NO but I'm open to genetic editing for ginger haired people (THEIR SKIN). Every ginger person I've ever met burns so easily. If there's a way to help them not burn as easily then that is perfectly fine.

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