I would like to get some insight in your experiences with viszla? I really want one. Are they easy to train? Can they be alone for couple of hours?

OP, why do you really want one? What is it that makes you think a vizsla will fit your life style? Just the fact that you're asking "are they easy to train" makes me think you've done 0 research on the breed, and you should really spend some time doing that and even try to find a few you can interact with.

They're bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. Their needs far exceed your average dog... I can honestly say that in the years of owning my vizsla, I have met only one dog where I went "yea, that dog is more of a handful than my boy". And it was a damn working line malinois.

On average, they need a ton of exercise if you want them to be remotely well behaved. A ton. Every day. Working out your vizsla is something that will become a part of your life, something that will take a priority over almost anything. Walking around the neighborhood on a leash for 20 minutes isn't exercise for them... Off leash romping, playing fetch, chasing around other dogs, hiking- that's more like it. I'd say an hour of that per day is a bare minimum... 2 is more like it+ little walks here and there throughout the day.

They also need a ton of love and attention, that's not negotiable either. And while it's mostly adorable, it's really not when you just want to sit down, stare at the TV with a glass of your favorite drink... but your vizsla is into climbing on top of your head, punching you, and so on.

While my v had 0 issues with being alone essentially since day 1, vizslas in general do not like being away from their owners. Cute to think about, but separation anxiety can be a serious problem to deal with.

Owning a vizsla is essentially like having another 20 hour per week job. Or, if you try to throw money at it (daycare, training), it will cost you as much as a car payment for a very very nice ride (this excludes vet bills).

Worth it.

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