I would like to tell you about what its like being LGBTI in estonia.

There has to be a hierarchy of procedures, given that taxpayers' money isn't infinite

while thats true, treatment of intersex and transgender people is just as important as cancer patients, and not any more expensive either. there are so many things they can cut before they get to life threatening disorders like this one or cancer that its not even funny. reality is that most people disagree because this diagnosis, transgender people and intersex people are just icky to them and they dont think its natural, but that doesnt change actual medical importance of these needs.

(for example, above IVF, but (in my view) below many cancer treatments)

can you actually justify that view in a logically sound way though? practically every argument you make against it is going to also apply to cancer treatments

Maybe your government has already made that decision and still refuses to treat you - is that the case?

then why is IVF covered lol? theyre far too logically inconsistent to make any arguments like this.

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