I would love to make a living online but I keep doubting myself.

I feel your struggle bro.

You can maybe try Amazon FBA.

There is some people on Youtube that try to sell you a course to make money but there’s also some that genuinely care about their students. It is hard to make a decision when buying a course because you don’t know which ones are legit.

Dan Vas’s course is really good and it’s only $500 compared to the price of other courses that are thousands. I have his course and he goes really in depth and literally teaches you everything you need to know.

There’s also businesses out there and they’ll literally build your Amazon store and do everything for you while you literally do nothing. It’s called Amazon Automation. But the majority charge a hefty fee but there’s also some that don’t. But you always want to be careful not to get scammed.

You can also run facebook ads for local businesses near you. It’s called social media marketing.

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