Would love some feedback on my attempt to a mid century modern/minimalist living and dining room combo.

I have a few questions regarding the space:

  1. What height do you like better for the two frames (42x32), I am thinking green. We have a toddler that likes to push things off, so I am not sure if we should mount it higher out of his reach.

  2. Does the 42x32 dwarf the furniture? The world map is pretty big already and not sure if we should go for 6 of these ikea frames that are 19.75x27.5 instead.

  3. We’re thinking about putting in two of our favorite travel pictures, or should we do mid century modern art/national park art pieces to tie the room together.

  4. I am pretty stump at our entryway or lack of one. It is 33x33 from top of the door frame to the light switch and door to window molding. I am considering doing an irregular mirror with a floating shelf or an entryway shelf with a small stool underneath.

Note: all the toddler toys, rhino, and the toddler table next to the armchairs will move once we’re done renovating the basement.

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