Would you say MH series is harder than Dark Souls series?

I disagree, at least pre-world.

Dying in Dark Douls isn't very punishing at all. Yes you drop your souls and humanity but you can pick them back up and they drop where you have already been, which is proof that you can get there again. Also they go back in time a little so you actually don't need to get quite as far as you were.

While it takes 3 deaths before there are cconsequences in MH, the consequences are more severe. Any hunt that you are failing is usually a longer one and you could straight up lose like 30 minites of progress.

Then there are other points like iframes being far more generous in Dark Souls. Shields being op whereas they are both weaker in MH and only paired with certain weapons.

In MH the gear you can use for a given monster is hard restric5ed by your progress. In Dark Souls you have the option to run through later areas collecting better equipment before coming back to properly challenge the parts you are stuck on.

In Monster Hunter the only way to clear content on your own is to get good. No gear makes up for player skill because fights are still long and you still need to learn the monster. In DS if you grab OP equipment everything dies so fast that you don't need to learn it. In Dark Souls you can also grind levels, though they are not as useful as finding op equipment.

Of course in both you can play co-op to have a much easier time so I'm ignoring that.

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