Why would you never vote NDP?

I will almost certainly will vote NDP, but I don't like how pacifist they are on violent crime (they're good on white collar crime) and I'm not at all a fan that their base includes communists and anarchists. The actual party isn't communist/anarchist, but communists that believe in electoral politics vote NDP.

BTW, Socialism and Communism are not synonyms.

I'm also not crazy about academia oriented leftist rhetoric and thought, but I believe in most progressive causes, so it's fine.

This criticism is more oriented toward the Greens, but I find a troubling number of New Democrats irrationally hate GMOs, nuclear energy and subscribe to unfounded conspiracy theories. No thanks!

The environment is very important, it's not my #1 voting issue, but it should be.

Tldr: their base is not the kind of person I am. the actual party has good ideas, but they seem to attract a lot of fringe types for some reason.

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