Would this PC setup be adequate to run the game with decent settings?

Things have changed drastically over the last decade, its rare to really need as much power anymore (Unless your building some ridiculous system and money is no issue)... for example my 2600k SLi760(MARS) machine uses half or less the electricity that my really old mid/late 2000s 4th gen P4 SLi7800GT system used, and my 4960k 1070 uses even less.... The 6600k Sabertooth SLi970 I built my wife runs perfect typically between 20-40% with 60-80% during full load usage with a 600W Gold rated PSU...

CPU usage is down and with increased efficiency now, really are not that much of resource hogs anymore, even graphics cards are getting leaner again (exceptions of course such as some of the Radeons out there are still eating enough power for a small village). People like to say; "but you have to plan for upgrades" what upgrades? Newer tech/upgrades are now typically as I said more efficient, so what upgrade? Oh you mean 2-5 years later when your doing a major system overhaul? Well probably a decent time to replace the PSU as well if your going that far. SLi is dead... I will never SLi another system and Radeons 2x are no better. So again what are we upgrading or planning to install that we need a additional 50% power on hold for? There is not anything, no nuke button that we are all waiting for that is going to need another 200-400W... You can argue well im going to add 3x "insert random GPU" and this and that... well if your going that far of a increase of $$$$ to upgrade then the $200 max PSU upgrade should be part of that as well... since your almost building a new system at that point.

At the end of the day its whatever people want, but your "average" i5 gaming rig will never need more then 500-600W anymore... For the system above, the 1050 uses very little power, had he gone with a beefier GPU then sure a slight bump to 550-600 might be warranted, and also not all parts are made the same, cheaper components & brands may not be as efficient as higher end components.

One caveat however in this now is "quiet" systems... we have many systems now that when below a certain usage go quiet and shut the fans down. Now this is the only reason I feel today to go bigger then needed, My 4690k PSU is in quiet made when the draw is below 40%, so when idling it makes no noise/fans are off, but at 80% yes the fans run (but I mean I cant hear them..) however for some people wanting to stay silent may be worth them running a 1100 PSU for that reason alone, if PSU fans bother them...

Anyways... TLDR; long ramble about nothing and some old farts opinions on gaming rig PSU and the need or lack of for higher wattage PSU in them.

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