Would you rather have 2005-2006 Kobe or 2013-2014 KD for one year?

He has scored that much on other teams, not over a season because he didn't need to. But he has had stretches of it. So there is hell of a lot of proof then the shit you were assuming. No need to get upset and use words like "overwrought" claims lmao when it doesn't even fit it. Overwrought my ass. One of the most versatile and best scorers in NBA history, and this guy is telling me its "overwrought claim' sick rebuttal bro.

You clearly don't understand anything I said. The fact its simple and straight forward is why you can't use it to judge a whole player and the game . That is someone with no understanding of stats or anything really to use something like one stat as an absolute. IF you can't see why that's stupid, even with the examples then you won't ever see it or understand why you're just wrong.

"not much of a point of doing so if he doesn't pass to them" thanks for proving your ignorance lol, now I am sure you are someone who has no idea what they are talking about and has already made up there mind they are correct and ignore any information that proves otherwise. A sign of a moron. His teammates efficiency show that when they did get the ball they were efficient.

You didn't watch the season, if you're going to blindly defend KD without any real rebuttals or arguments other then your own made up opions so you can ride KDs dick harder sure.

You had no reply to the better defense because thats half the game. Even if his season defense was lack luster comapred to his other years he was the same lock down defender in the post season so when it mattered. But you keep spewing ignorant stuff dude. I am going to end this hear no more replies to you so just let it be because i am sure you'll continue to say dimwitted shit.

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